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Church Administration – 100 (CA100)

CA 101 - Planning to build or renovate church facilities: buying land, parking requirements, architectural drawings, contractors and subcontractors, bonding and insurance, site supervision, soil testing, change orders, furnishings and fixtures, impact on existing facilities; the ongoing challenge with entrenched leadership, pastor, deacons, and trustee’s.
Facilitator: Bro. Harvey Gantt

CA 102 - Assessing Violent Threats to Today's Church: Class will give overview of the violent threats aimed at today's church and society. Will deal with methods of assessment to various violent threats and how to address them. Discussions will deal with current laws dealing with right to carry concealed weapons.
Facilitator: Dr. Carlotta Stackhouse

CA 103 - Developing a Faith Based Budget: planning, preparing, forecasting and managing income and expenses; what percentage of budget should be designated for salaries, mission; how restricted are designated and building funds; negotiating adequate compensation for the Pastor inclusive of benefits; accountable of ministries that have bank accounts; purpose of annual external review; the pastor as chief fundraiser; operating a non-profit for profit.
Facilitator: Rev. John W. Spann

CA 104 - Who is Liable?: protecting the churches assets and leadership from personal litigation; who should be covered under the church’s liability insurance policy and bonded, pastor, deacon, trustee’s, culinary staff, armour bearers, church treasurer, finance committee, person’s taking money to the bank, board of directors, custodian.
Facilitator: Atty. Harold Cogdell

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