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The N.E.X.T. Conference

N.E.X.T. is a conference designed to provide current practical models for effective ministry through personal, spiritual enrichment and fresh biblical exposure.  Our theme, A Spiritual Journey: N.E.X.T. (Needed Exposure to the X-factor during Transformation), is about the Christian church in a world with ever changing social, political, moral, and spiritual dynamics.


  • Church Administration: Focusing on the daily operations of the church

  • Membership Development: Explore ways to engage and grow members into Christian Maturity

  • Mission & Ministry: Explore ways for the local church to be engaged in the local and global communities

  • Music and the Arts

  • Social Media/Technology: Embracing technology in sharing the message of Jesus Christ as Lord

  • Men’s Ministry: Ministry models that reach men now for N.E.X.T.

  • Preaching Effectively: The old way with fresh creativities 

  • Classes on Social Justice, Security, Children and Youth and more

The Conference

About CJones Ministries

CJones Ministries is a Christ-centered, globally committed ministry to the belief in Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior with the specific intent of sharing this message through proclamation and practice!

Our Purpose:

  • To Proclaim the Lordship of Jesus Christ!

  • To Strengthen the organizational structures of the Christian church and its leadership!

  • To Empower Christian leaders to be advocates for the poor and powerless through the transformation of the economic, political and economic structures of our society.


Past Conferences

Past Confereces


Proud to bring inspirational speakers from across the globe