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Mission and Ministry – 300 (MM300)

MM 301 - Mission - The Naked Truth from the Tombs: We will utilize Luke 8:26-39 as the biblical foundation for our missional reflection in this class. Class Participants will be invited to explore how this text helps one to grapple with God’s missional mandate for all believers. Participants will also explore how ones local and global missions’ engagements honor God and transforms the world.
Facilitator: Rev. Brenda K. Harewood

MM 302 - Effective Music Ministry: music which brings glory to God and is theologically sound informing and engaging worshippers through instrumentation, dance, drama, silence and voice. Facilitator: Brother Frank McGinnis

MM 303 - Developing Effective Fresh Energizing Ministries for Children & Youth: Creating effective strategies to make a nurturing youth ministry that grows. The session will show pastors and church leaders how to create a church ministry that develops young people to be fully devoted followers of Christ. We will seek to share strategies for youth development and a youth led ministry.
Facilitator: Rev. Y. Trevor Beauford

MM 304 - Help! We Need A Plan: A practical guide for planning and organizing effective ministry; making an impact in church and in the community.
Facilitator: Rev. Derick Easter

MM 305 - Pastor Jones and Senior Ministers Roundtable: Small group discussion and dialogue. A frank conversation about: personal care and appearance; money management; family care; church organizational structural planning; preparing to move; denominational participation; sermon readiness; church conflict; church leader’s adversaries; and pre-arranged one on one meetings with the Sr. Pastor of your choice. Limited number of appts. (Appointments with Senior Pastor made onsite).

Facilitators: Dr. Clifford A. Jones, Sr., Rev. Dr. Joseph Ratliff, Dr. Allen P. Weaver, Dr. Sonny Adolph


MM 306 - YOU CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE: Addressing Family Violence in the Christian Church and Community!: The biblical story of Hagar in the 16th and 21st chapters of Genesis provide the key to address family violence. We will study this story to address the silent cries of the Hagars in our church and community. Your voice can be the liberating factor in the Hagars among us, seeing, and naming God.
Facilitator: Rev. Dr. Michelle A. Jones

MM 307 - The Formula: Unlocking the Secrets to Raising Highly Successful Children - Have you ever met someone so brilliant, so successful and purposeful that you wondered how they got that way? Was it Genetics? Or, could it be parenting? Harvard's Ron Ferguson and Investigative editor and author Tatsha Robertson discovered a parenting pattern they call "The Formula." At the center of the Formula are eight roles parents of high achievers started playing even before their child was born. It does not matter the race or socio-economic status of "the master parent."  What matters is that the parent is motivated, almost always by something in their own backstory, to be a great parent. We interviewed 200 high achievers, and a lot of their parents. Then, we wrote a book about our findings, entitled The Formula: Unlocking the Secrets to Raising Highly Successful Children. Parenting magazine named The Formula the best book in 2019 for raising high achievers. Ron and Tatsha's book is not just for parents, it’s for everyone. Most of us have opportunities to influence how our own or other people’s children develop. This session will introduce participants to a framework for being more strategic in helping children become fully realized human beings. Ron and Tatsha will inform and entertain you, with ample audience participation and plenty time for questions! Reading the book in advance is not a prerequisite, but it will make the workshop even more rewarding.
Facilitators: Tatsha Robertson and Dr. Ron F. Ferguson

MM 308 - What is this Collection called The Bible? Discuss publications on: Intersectionality of race, ethnicity, class, gender, sexuality and sexualities in the biblical text and also in the ways in which the biblical text interprets the same.
Facilitator: Dr. Randall Bailey

MM 309 - The Faith Community Nurse: A Health Minister for the Congregation: The Faith Community Nurse is a registered nurse who in essence serves as a “minister” who addresses the wholistic health of the congregation. Under the leadership and counsel of the church leader, the faith community nurse provides health and wellness initiatives that comprehensively “treat” the mental, physical, and spiritual needs of the faith community. Can a faith community nurse help improve the overall health of your congregation? A healthier congregation means more parishioners available to carry out the mission of the church. This workshop will define the transformational role of the faith community nurse and provide insight into how a faith community nurse can care for the mental, physical, and spiritual health of your faith community. Facilitator: Sis. Danita Terrell

MM 310 - Ministering in Uncharted Territory: If you are a leader called in an established church seeking to lead in a progressive direction, this course is for you. It will work with pastors and church leaders providing tools in the midst of a culture that is in flux. We will focus our time on cultural and contextual assessment as well as discovering some potential strategies to faithfully lead an established church towards health and the fulfillment of its mission/vision.
Facilitator: Dr. Jason L. Turner

MM 311 - The Church and Mental Health:  The church’s role as healer, what does the Bible say; what is the role of genetics and environment on both mental health and substance abuse; living with the stigma of mental illness, changing church member’s attitudes; the sin of condemnation of depression, addition, substance abuse, the church as caregiver. Facilitator:  Dr. Phyllis Mayo

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