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Membership Development - 200 (MD 200)

MD 201 - So, What does preaching look like in the NEXT 15 years? This exciting, informative class will examine the various genres and forms of Christian preaching and how it proposes to impact particularly the Black Church tradition in the next 15 years. Consideration will be given to various age groups (Baby-boomers, millennial, Gen X-Z and differing demographics and explore how preaching an ageless gospel must transition to effectively minister to this rapidly changing culture. Projections will be based from both empirical research and practical experiences.
Facilitator: Dr. Steve Bland

MD 202 - The Old Way with Fresh Creativities: In Glenn Burleigh’s famous song, “Order My Steps” there is a line that says, “the world is ever changing but YOU are still the same.” How do we preach an unchanging God to an every-changing society? Class discussion will focus on this relevant challenge.
Facilitator: Dr. Damone P. Johnson

MD 203 - Developing Fresh, Invigorating Ministries of Men: Engaging the men of the church in refreshing, doable and practical ministries in the church and community.
Facilitators: Deacon Melvin Riddick and Bro. Eddie Davis

MD 204 - A shout-out to Millennials and Z’s: also known as centennials, post-millennials, plurals or homeland generation, Jesus loves you; Jesus Saves; we need you; reaching generations through the Gospel of Jesus Christ, what to believe; alternative service beyond traditional Sunday morning. – Facilitator: Rev. Anthony Trufant

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